Grandma Ellwoods Antipasto

My new creation, an old family recipe. The original recipe is from old family friends, my god mothers, mom “gramma Ellwood”. I received this recipe a few years ago, I seen Dani 
making it & they posted pics on fb. Looked so delicious😋 I asked Shelly if I could have the recipe for myself. I made several jars, gave it away as gifts. (People who I gifted it to, absolutely loved it) With my new business, I contacted the family, asked if I could make & sell their Antipasto & here we are with my latest creation all my products need time to age properly, like fine wine the longer it ages the better the flavors.
Now I understand why every great recipe on Pinterest has a story before you get to the actual recipe😉 I am honoring the creative lady who’s recipe this is thank you Grandma Ellwood.